Living the high life.

Vita di Alta is high end automotive lifestyle company which supports their members with elite, top-shelf and exclusive wares selected or designed by their stylists, all personally delivered to their door in a branded box via concierge service.

The VdiA Team expressed a desire for a clean, Italian-inspired corporate identity that was flexible enough to be applied to a multitude of materials but iconic and memorable. Though classic in it's soul, the execution must feel modern.

Setting the standard.

It was expressed that IBM and related brands resonated with Criterion Law's own concept. Additionally, logos comprised of geometric shapes spoke of order, logic and measured actions... all of which Criterion Law seeks to provide.

The logo is based on a strict 2-dimensional grid, like the IBM logo, however, it is rotated to reveal a whole new dimension, visually expressing there is more to Criterion Law than any other law firm. The geometry is solid, stable and measured. It represents the unique blend of trial and litigation that Criterion Law commands, forged into the letters "C" and "L", fused into one complete mark.